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2020 Report: Robotics and IoT for Post-Pandemic Smart Buildings

Report: Robotics and IoT for Post-Pandemic Smart Buildings
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The unforeseen advent of Covid-19 has jolted the priorities of the best-crafted masterplans and roadmaps leading to 2020, from government masterplans to social policies and infrastructural roadmaps such as those for smart cities and smart buildings.


Pre-Covid-19 smart buildings were touted for their green-ness by implementing energy-saving, eco-friendly measures, and digital efficiency by ruthlessly optimizing operations with digital data from connected sensors.
Today, these dimensions of building smartness, though undoubtedly important, have taken a remote backseat to more urgent and pronounced pandemic-induced needs, such as a deep-cleaned environment, low-touch or no-touch user experiences, increased automated and autonomous services, and wellness-focused, socially-distanced workplaces.
These new priorities open up vast, accelerated opportunities for robotics and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, and will reshape the trajectory of smart building roadmaps and standards in the coming years.
This is the start of our Smart Buildings Report Series, where we hope to provide a broad perspective of the post-pandemic smart building landscape for adopters and providers in the robotics and IoT space. To date, we have released the reports below:
  1.   Report 1: The New Normal of Hyper-Cleanliness
  2.   Report 2: Prudent Flow of Visitors, Assets & People

Let's begin with Report 1: The New Normal of Hyper-Cleanliness.