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Datasets For Learning Part 1 - Buildings

Our community site,, is a treasure trove of useful datasets for almost any topic in the world. These datasets have proven to be very handy learning resources for students to use in supporting and substantiating their school research projects.
Thus, for Part 1 of our Datasets For Learning series, we shall introduce some of the popular datasets relating to urban structures that are frequently cited in student projects.

1. Hotels Dataset

User Goramo has contributed a couple of datasets relating to the tallest hotels (125 hotels) and the largest hotels (64 hotels). These datasets are sortable by building height, number of floors, room capacity and year of completion and can be filtered by country and region.
dataset on hotels

Largest Hotels: World  |  Asia  |  USA  |  Las Vegas  |  Lake Buena Vista

Tallest Hotels: World  |  Asia  |  Europe  |  Middle East  |  North America  |  New York City

2. Office Buildings Dataset

User Grevious has compiled a pretty remarkable dataset of the top 90+ largest and tallest office buildings in the world, capturing the floor areas, heights and floor counts of the buildings. According to the dataset, the Pentagon is the largest office building in the world with a staggering floor area of 620,000m2 - that's close to three times the size of the Empire State Building (208,879m2).
dataset of office buildings

3. Factories Dataset

This dataset of the world's 30+ largest factories was created by user Palatino . The largest manufacturing plant in the world is the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant which stretches an incredible floor area of 6,500,000 m2.
dataset of factories
Largest Factories in the  World  |  USA  |  Asia  | Europe  |  Automobiles

4. Hospitals Dataset

User Wkdigest contributed a dataset of the tallest 24 hospitals in the world. The dataset lists the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center of Houston, USA, as the tallest hospital at 165.2 meters.
dataset of hospitals

5. Exhibition Centers Dataset

A dataset on the largest exhibition and convention centers in the world was contributed by user Palatino with a compilation of 71 exhibition centers. Going by the dataset, the largest exhibition center in the world is the Hannover Messegelande of Hannover, Germany.
dataset of exhibition centers
Largest Exhibition Centers by Indoor Capacity - in the  World   |   Europe  |   Asia   |  North America

6. Churches Dataset

User Wkdigest posted a dataset of 130+ tallest churches, listing the Ulm Minster Lutheran Church of Ulm, Germany, as the tallest church in the world.
dataset on churches